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Details + Descriptions:

Cait + Co's “Made to” Series was inspired by their “Made to Radiate” tagline. We truly believe each person is made to do great things, and feel important. Relax in your favorite scent and know you were "Made to" have joy, be confident, be fearless, shine, inspire, dream, be brave, love, and our favorite--Be kind! 


Each bubbly bath soak is handcrafted with Cait + Co's signature coconut milk bath bomb recipe and has a positive message on the front.


9 oz. 3-4 Baths

Smells Like:

Have Joy, Inspire : Pineapple + Coconut
Be Confident, Hope : Coconut Water + Kiwi
Be Fearless, Love : Honeysuckle + Gardenia
Be Fabulous: Rosewater + Lemonade
Be Kind, Be Unique: Starfruit + Mango
Shine: Apple Blossom, Tangerine, + Plum
Dream: Lemongrass + Kiwi
Be Brave: Soft Rose, Amber + Grapefruit
Be Strong: Strawberries, Jasmine + Peonies